Wedding 101

Why is a limousine like a Tomato?

Key Benefits

Professional Vehicles
Professional Chauffer
Knowledge of the area
Professional Time Table for your event
Red Carpet Entry
Just Married Sign on Trunk Lid
Romantic, Color Changing Twinkle Starlight's (Limousine)



Local Rates (Birmingham Area)

Wedding Service - Limousine
    Standard 6 Hrs.          $750.00   ($125.00 per hr.)
    Additional Hrs.            $125.00
    Day Rate (10 Hrs.)     $960.00   (Best Value)


Wedding Service - Town Car "L"
    Standard 6 Hrs.            $447.00   ($74.50 per hr.)
    Additional Hrs.              $  74.50

Hotel Service - Limousine
   Hotel to BHM Airport    $125.00
   Hotel to ATL Airport      $750.00   (Discounted with Day Rate)

Hotel Service - Town Car "L"
   Hotel to BHM Airport     $  74.50
   Hotel to ATL Airport      $420.00

Tomato Answer:
Limousine availability is similar to that of a farmers market.  The fresh produce is picked first.  


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