Silver Leaf Luxury Limousine
Limo 101

If you have never utilized professional transportation services before, please review some of the basics listed below.


1.     Verify the company’s insurance certificate.  This is different from your personal automobile insurance police.  It is an 8 ½ by 11” form which shows the coverage and other related coverages.

2.     Is the company licensed to operate and perform the service?  If the vehicle is a 9 passenger and above for transportation across state lines, the company is required to have USDOT Numbers.  If the vehicle crosses two or more police jurisdictions (Generally outside Jefferson County), the company is required to be certified by the Alabama Public Service Commission to operate.  The APSC Number must be displayed on the vehicle.

3.     See me, Feel Me, Touch Me.  No matter who you obtain service from, it is important that you inspect the vehicle the company is providing for your service.  What you see on the Internet is not what may arrive for your service.

4.     Is the vehicle clean and free from odors?  Are the lights and signals operating correctly?  Some limousines have opera light on the side of the vehicle.  If they cannot replace a .25 cent bulb, can they maintain the brakes on the vehicle.  Air Conditioning is also a problem.  During the summer months, make sure the Air is functioning.