Limo 101

How Many Doors?

Welcome to Limo 101.  We hope this overview will give you  a general understanding of professional and chauffeured transportation.

When calling for information, the first question we are asked is "how much do you charge"?

Your first question, " is your company correctly licensed and Insured ".  

Are your Lincoln Limousines 2003 or newer?  This style changed in 2003.

Do you have "Z" Tags?  "Z" Tags are license plates issued by the State of Alabama for commercial limousine service.    

How many doors are on your limousine? Funeral cars generally have 5 to 6 doors.  Luxury Limousines have 4 doors.

Do you drivers have USDOT Physicals and  criminal background checks from the State of Alabama?

Now you may inquire on price.


1.  Insurance

Commercial vehicles are required to maintain commercial insurance on their vehicles.  This is different than your standard automobile insurance.    As an example, passenger vehicles between 8 to 15 passengers require $1,500,000.00 in liability coverage  for  federal regulations.  State requirements may be less.  

2.    License Plates

Commercial vehicles require renewal annually. They expire in October and are renewed in November.   "Z" designates a commercial passenger vehicle for hire.  Generally Town Cars and larger are required to be a Class 5 vehicle.  

3.    City License

We  operate in the City of Birmingham, therefore we are required to be licensed by the City of Birmingham.  A CPNC (Certificate of Public Need and Convenience) is renewed  yearly.    

4.    Alabama State  License

All commercial vehicles which provide transportation of passengers for hire, are required to comply with Alabama Public Service Commission regulations when crossing multiple city boundaries.  

As an example.  If service originated in Pell City and a function is attended in the Birmingham / Irondale / Hoover; APSC AUTHORITY IS REQUIRED.


After you have booked you service, what do you do next?

1.    READ YOUR CONTRACT !!!  Look for payment schedule.  Most have a deposit due with signing, and full payment prior to service date.  Some companies will accept your deposit and if you have not sent the balance prior to the due date, they will rent the vehicle to someone else.  Unfortunately, this is a common scam in the industry.

2.    One to Two weeks prior to service date.  Call and reconfirm.

3.    One Week Prior to service.  Re-Inspect the Vehicle.






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