In order to assist you in general terms for pricing, first our price schedules fall into four categories.  City, State, Federal.   In most cases, hours of service starts at the requested pickup time and ends at drop off.  Please see Garage to Garage for additional information and example.

City  (CPNC)

Generally when transportation services are performed within the Greater Birmingham (Jefferson County) area.

State  (APSC Cert. # 3806)

Intra state service is performed between Jefferson & Shelby County, Jefferson & Shelby County to ALL POINTS within the state and return.

Federal ( ICC MC 389381  &  USDOT 1004273)

Inter state service is when service originates from any point within the state of Alabama and terminates in another state.


What is Garage to Garage?

Service begins when the vehicle departs from the home terminal.    Service would end when the vehicle returns back to the home terminal.   If the company is located an hour away, you may be charged for two additional hours of service.

We do no have Garage to Garage charges at this time. Our service starts at  your requested pickup time.  We generally have a two hour minimum.  We also reserve to option to charge a Garage to Garage rate if applicable.

Special Events:  Weddings, Proms, NASCAR, Concerts, and Sporting Events have a six hour minimum.



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