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Wedding 101

First and most important, many individuals and publications have Limousine Service either at the bottom of the list, or non-existent in their publications.  If your Wedding is conflicting with a prom or other special event, your choice of service may be limited.

Pick up & Drop:

This type of service will more than likely ruin your wedding.  Unless you wedding runs like a fine Rolex Watch, you may experience a coordination problem.  

You may request a Pickup at 6:00 PM.   If your wedding runs late, your limousine may have to leave you and proceed to their next "Pick Up & Drop".  What if you need to leave your reception early.  More than likely, your limo will not be there.

If you work with a standard 4 Hr. Wedding Package, and you need to re-arrange your schedule, it is easier to do with your Limousine on-site.  If you need to leave early, or run late, it is easier to do so than with a Pickup & Drop.

Antique Vehicles:

The key word is "Antique".  These vehicle are generally older the 30 Years in age. Along with their age, some vehicles use a 6 Volt Battery.  If the battery goes dead, a current car which uses a standard 12 Volt system will not work.  

Another issue with older vehicles is the maintenance.  These cars are old and just stop running.  Generally it's in the middle of your wedding.

Insurance needs to be checked and verified.  If a vehicle is used for "Commercial Use" it generally requires a different type of insurance policy.  

We would suggest to check with your Attorney on legal implications if your un-insured vehicle has an accident.  


After you have booked you service, what do you do next?

1.    READ YOUR CONTRACT !!!  Look for payment schedule.  Most have a deposit due with signing, and full payment prior to service date.  Some companies will accept your deposit and if you have not sent the balance prior to the due date, they will rent the vehicle to someone else.  Unfortunately, this is a common scam in the industry.

2.    One to Two weeks prior to service date.  Call and reconfirm.

3.    One Week Prior to service.  Re-Inspect the Vehicle.





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